Bluehost Review

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Bluehost Review



When you have your domain name ready, then you will consequently need a host for your website to exist. Blue Host has become quite popular and such a go-to for many people now. So why is it attracting many customers.

In this article we are going to tackle, a general review on Blue Host. The advantages and consequently the disadvantages. The Plans and Support services that Blue Host has to offer and why Blue Host could be the right choice for you.

Let’s get right to it.

What is BlueHost?


Let’s start at the very core by explaining what a host is.  Web Hosting is your location on the internet like a store where you can build and station your business or company in order for your customers to be able to access your services like merchandise.  For you to get this store area, you will have to pay for it which is a rental pay rate for you to secure your space on the internet.

So after getting your domain name, the next step is finding the host to be your location.  This concept is exactly the same as you paying rent for your physical store in a building.

After getting the host, then you definitely at the start of building your business, website, blog and generally your brand.

With that said, Blue Host is a web hosting company that facilitates your domain name with the space on the internet. Currently hosting over 2 million websites.


Pros And Cons Of  BlueHost.



1.      Domain Name and Hosting.

Yes Bluehost offers both a domain name and web hosting all in the same place. This is a very good deal which encourages more organisation and absolutely solves the hustle. This however, does come with some expenditure, with the Domain name being up to $15 and Web hosting of $2.95 per month.

2.      Affordable Price Plans.

As I mentioned, hosting comes with a cost being the rent. Bluehost has relatively cheap price plans according to your preference. The price plans being; Shared Plan, The Plus Plan and Dedicated  Plan.

3.      Trial Guarantee.

Bluehost has an incredible  30 day trial guarantee. If you use their services and don’t get impressed with the first 30 days , then you are very free to opt with your refund.

4.      Supportive System.

Bluehost  has a good supportive system. Many of us don’t know most of the technicalities that come with web hosting. Bluehost provides  a team that is always read to help anytime in case of any challenges.

5.      Beginner Friendly.

This part of the internet is new to most of us which Bluehost understands and relatable. With a quick and easy  setup system.  One example we have experienced  is with WordPress  for hosting you can simply make and click for the installation to happen and your site is immediately running.

6.      Favourable for WordPress Users.

Bluehost comes with WordPress in its’  package plan of  $2.95 per month.  Therefore this makes it really easy for all the WordPress users to immediately start building their content creation. And we do to have to mention that WordPress is major selling site highly recommending so you would have got yourself in our opinion a really great deal right from the start.




1.      Additional Costs

Bluehost  package offer of $2.95 per month at the beginning doesn’t actually seem to be all. In most cases we need to upgrade the system, things like security server, or even the optimisation plugins all come with costs which tend to be mandatory for you to run your website right from the beginning .

2.      Increase in Renewal Prices.

For any site to keep running it needs constant renewal. This is like keeping the website refreshed. Bluehost definitely takes advantage of this procedure and keeps hiking the prices every time you make a renewal. Which takes away that planning  and stability of knowing exactly how much you will need to spend because every time you are surprised with a new renewal expenditure.

3.      Add-on Features.

Just as every website, while you are building it you will need some new features to keep making your website maybe more attractive , expand and more diverse for your clients.  So this is pretty much very important as well and Bluehost doesn’t hesistant in making the features expensive. At the beginning you might not need most features but definitely with time you will. Kind of mandatory costs to incur then.

4.      Costly Site Exportation.

Other hosting sites have a free exportation program unlike Bluehost. Bluehost currently charges $149.99 for 5 websites and 20 email accounts to be imported on to it.     This exportation process usually happens when one is transferring their files from another hosting site to Bluehost.

5.      No Support For Windows.

Unfortunately, Blue Host is only in support of Linux. Which means the Windows server is completely secluded from the Blue host functionality. So for those who would need the Windows server, this will definitely affect you.




Blue Host, like any other hosting company provides a plan that you can choose from for your payments which goes hand in hand with the services that will have access to.

Blue Host provides 3 Plans;  Shared Plan

-VPS Plan(The Plus Plan)

-Dedicated Plan(Choice Plus Plan)



Just as it suggests, the shared plan is distributed among a number of people that you are working with. Which also definitely  makes it the most popular plan.

Therefore with this plan the costs are evenly shared which makes the expenditure easier.    However, you need to know that as affordable as it is, this plan also comes with limitations which can be quiet a barrier.


The VPS hosting is slightly similar to shared hosting only with some upgrades. VPS is shared amongst a number of people with the benefit to access resources like RAM and CPU using a dedicated server.



Dedicated Plan is designed for the websites that are in need of all the functions and resources to benefit from. This when the website owner prefers to have more control over their website.  From security, to control and definitely the overall performance of your website.



These are the partitions of prices Blue Host offers.

Bluehost Review

Support and Customer Service.


So now let’s talk about the support you can expect from Blue Host and how they work.

The Blue host customer service is constantly being improved upon. You can always have the necessary help for your with articles, instructions as well as guidance on how to build the website.  Blue host also provides a section of answers for the most asked questions. You can email and call them for immediate customer service.

Security Plan


We all need to be ensured of security as you begin out your website and as you grow. The guaranteed security we can all agree is very essential.  Blue Host has got well planned out Security plans;

1.Account Validation By Token

You have the option of  proving you identity without giving away your password. When you contact the help table, all you have to do is read them your random token code which is always at the bottom of the panel. This way you still keep the privacy to your site and still get access to your site account. Now that is much better I believe too.

2.Two-Factor Authentication

Now this method is absolute additional security which is guaranteed by Blue Host to keep your account fully to just you. The two factor authentication requires  you to know your password and have your phone where a different authentication code is sent  every time you log into your account. This is a really secure way if you ask me, because then, even if someone gets your password, they still can’t get into your account without the code and you will be notified. You can get the authentication by setting it up on your account and on your phone.

3.Single Sign-on Feature.

With this feature, you can now link your Blue host sign in details to your Google or gmail account.  So that way you just login quickly and it is all in your accounts. No one else would just easily login into your account.

4.Password Reset Page Revamp


Finally, Blue Host has made the password recollection much easier. When you are changing you password, you can now login with that new password immediately without having to retype it first for extra confirmation.  Also for your password setup, you can now see if your password is meeting the strength you require and even more. This method helps you completely get a secure password of your choice.




We all like an appealing refund policy on the plate and yes, Blue Host is providing that. With Blue Host you can get your refund within the first 30 days of you opening a website with them if you change your mind or are just not impressed.

Your refund will however exclude the domain fee and that is also a good thing in some ways since you are guaranteed to help with your domain name being secured for you. Which you can transfer to another website as you please after 60 days.

This refund policy is only good when you secure it within the 30 days. After 30 days, you cannot get your money back.




Oh this is a very good question to consider. So let’s dive into that.

It is important to mention that Blue Host is one the recommended host providers for WordPress Blogs. And we all know how WordPress really makes the website life so much easier to create and broadcast your content as you please all well secured.

Ecommerce Features

It is rather very important for many websites now to have an online store. Blue Host doesn’t hesitate in providing you with one making this set up much easier, with a variety of shopping carts such as; OS Commerce, Cube, Zen and many more. It goes further to easily integrate your transactions well secured using  SSL  and Open PGP Encryption.  So you can have your money flowing in which also helps you keep your customers since they can find all your content and products in one place.


As we already dissected the security Blue Host offers, I think it is safe for us to say you can trust that your content will be well kept and your website is surely well  valued on Blue Host. So you can be rest assured  that you are well covered in this area as well.

Ease To Use.

We all need something that is actually going to be  more straightforward than difficult and yes, Blue Host gives us exactly that.  With the Control Panel made so easy to understand and maneuver, you can actually make a customized layout as you desire.  You also have quick access to a variety of features  which can make your website much easier to operate on.

When we talk about ease it is also important to mention that you have everything linked with your email addresses all in one place which certainly drives the easy access.

The Customer Service is also impeccable as we discussed earlier so you know you always have guaranteed help.

With all the above being the major features needed for a website to function properly, I believe it is safe to say you have a good range to depend on. Which also supports that yes, Blue Host is a the right choice for you to build a website with.

The Speed has also been tested and has shown to be really good and yes fast enough. We all need our websites to be accessed easily by our customers so speed is very crucial. Blue Host has got that sorted for you.




Blue Host has a good percentage of features it is offering as well as it’s experience ensuring that they are always looking for more ways to advance and serve their customers with high quality.

I would definitely recommend Blue Host to those that are beginning out, because you will be provided with a smooth process to start building your website and it will certainly be worth it. As well as if you have an already existing website the transfer process is being made smoother for you to settle in quickly and properly.

Blue Host is also very reliable for the small and large business owners. It is has a budget plan that is suitable for everyone. With your online store also massively supported.

WordPress is at your disposal on Blue Host. With assurance of just starting out your blog creation, posting and getting traffic with time.

Loyalty is very important to many of us. Blue Host has been a loyal Customer for quite a while now which has built its strong reputation. With the reviews it gets, they can be trusted with your website home.

Livy Mayanja

Livy Mayanja

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