How To Choose A Domain Name!

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How To Choose A Domain Name

So you have got it, your whole vision planned out. You know what your Website, blog or business should revolve around. The kinds of services you want to offer are in place. It’s all down to that Domain Name now. It can be exhausting figuring out which name to go with and what are those necessities you need.

I am certainly going to give you tips from our experience on how we got our name, Billionaires Surge Media.


A Domain Name is basically your address on the internet. That specific location you can direct people to in this case your audience. And when your audience is looking for you, your Name is that door step.  I do have to mention that in this process you might find that your idea has been taken up already but that shouldn’t discourage you, in fact it’s another opportunity for you to step out of the box a bit and let your mind explore. Brace yourself you are going to need the balance. (Okay that was probably a cheesy line)

So let me take you straight into those steps or tips you can adopt to gain Your Ultimate Domain Name.

1.     Use The Keywords.

The keywords at this point will come from the basics of what you want your website to revolve around. It might be around food, magician and circus skills, or dance lessons, your interest can give you a name idea. For example; one could go for the obvious name, Magician World or another option being Twilight Circus, both give you an idea of what is going to be offered.  When we were getting our Domain name, we wanted to show the vision and the services. Therefore with Billionaires, you get the idea that this is a site that is looking up to amounting to a whole lot and Media showing you exactly what we are interested in offering, with an enhancement of the Surge. So right at the start, you immediately know that we dream big and we are ultimately a Web design Company.

2.     Descriptive Extensions.

When you have decided on a name, for it to be well completed now, you will need extensions such as .co, .com, .net, .org and so many others that are being introduced. This makes your Domain name more official and easier for it to be hosted. In this day and era, as we all know, we move by the current updates. Therefore, including the extensions is absolutely important for you to solidify your home on the internet.

3.     Have a Relatively Short and Simple Name.

For your domain name to be easy for everyone to remember, you are going to need to make it a relatively short one. Now as I mentioned earlier, balance will help you here when I say relatively short, I mean a name that even your memory would recall so much easier. People don’t forget names like Primark or SquareSpace, not only because they have good service but also the simplicity the names have. You can just get yourself that name that would spark thoughts in people’s minds, like we did with our company. Billionaires Surge Media is sure to spark something in our clients’ minds.

4.     Keep Clear Of Double Lettered Names.

In case you are thinking about making a slight change to your name so that it’s not exactly the same as another one you have seen, then that’s not the name you should use at all. I understand at this point you are questioning our name, the slight difference is that Billionaires is an already double lettered word, we didn’t try adding any more letters to make it slightly different from another name. If You want to have sparkle in your name and you decide to use spaarkle, then that makes it unrealistic and actually complex instead. So my humble advice is you just completely steer away from the double letters.

5.     Let Your  Domain Name, Be Your Brand Name.

Now this is probably one of the most important key points in this whole process. Your Domain is going to be your long term and in most, if not all cases, the forever name of the Company. Having a separate Domain and Brand Name can easily bring up confusion and loss of customers in the end (and no, we definitely don’t want that happening to you.) Therefore, choose the brand name you would love to see on your future products. This also saves you from being an easy target for fraud culprits. So stick to that one Name for all your websites and Company products.

6.     Legal Advice Is Absolutely Important.

So lets’ just imagine you have everything well processed and you probably have some products ready for shipping, with your clients waiting for that supply and then you get a destructive call of termination of your company. It is not worth it at all. Some people tend to miss out this step because of the probable expenses which I surely understand myself. However if you get some money, invest it in that legal advice to make sure your name is in the best terms and conditions, meaning no similarity to any other company’s name that could get you in trouble. Yes, it is costly but the best cost you will ever spend on the safety of your dream.

7.     Take Advantage Of Domain Search Sites.

Just as we all know, the internet made everything much easier and with that there are so many existing sites to help you in any way. In this case, being your Domain Name. More websites have been made for you to be able to go through the process with less tug of war. It absolutely does help when you have that extra shoulder to lean so don’t hesitate to take them on. Of course I can’t leave without any recommendations. Do try these sites out; Billionaire Surge Hosting, and Bluehost.com.

8.     You Can Have A Suggestive Domain Name.

By this, I mean you can have your Brand Name that gives your clients an idea of the services you venture in or the kind of produce they are to receive from you. Don’t have a restaurant suggesting hair appliances. Exactly, that definitely got some of you confused because it simply doesn’t make sense so don’t keep your customers guessing either.

9.     Research Your Name Of Choice.

How To Choose A Domain Name

When all is done, you have the name that has really stuck out to your mind. Hold on, first make some research on it, see whether it already has an owner, or someone with a very close name or even almost similar to your idea. However much this is mind exhausting to go through, it is in fact another tactic that rescues you from creating that Domain/Brand name then later losing it all because you were sued or it’s too confusing for people to differ. It is certainly so much better for you to research and have a clear conscious and head start. Don’t be afraid if it’s already taken, that’s okay it’s an opportunity for you to have one that solely belongs to YOU.

10.Experiment With Different Extensions

Yes, ideally (.com) as an extension is still the most popular, however as we mentioned earlier, using different extensions is a good thing, in fact  it can also give your name an extra unique boost. So play around with each extension and see which one resonates best with your ears, eyes and intuition anyway.

11.Purchase All Extensions.

In addition to your experiment, after you have chosen that main extension, then why not take possession of the other extensions if you can. However much this is also costing, it definitely saves having anyone taking a similar name to yours with just a different extension.

12. Choose  A Trustworthy Domain Registrar.

For your Domain name to be found on the internet, you need the company that registers and gives you that access to use your Domain name for different services you are interested in providing. You definitely need a registrar that won’t just steal from you but will stand with you along the way. Your name has to be easily found by a simple click anywhere and the registrar therefore has to be well dependable. These are some of the Registrars I would recommend you look into;
Billionaire Surge Hosting, and Bluehost.com.

13. Do The Registration Yourself.

It is always way better that we do things ourselves. I as much as we want to get much help from third parties, DO NOT leave the registration of your domain in someone else’s hands. It is just much better and settling for your mind when you take this step wholly in your hands to avoid any unnecessary mistakes or losses. At least be completely PRESENT watching each step as the name is being registered in case you might trust someone else to help with the procedure.

14. Have Auto- Renewal.

It is always best for any long standing company or blog site in this day and era when you have a lot functioning on your site to have that automatic renewal. You can’t afford any kind of services being frozen unnecessarily. Therefore, keeping the auto-renewal in function is at your benefit as well as you customers.

15.Choose A Desirable Domain Name For Your Audience.

By the time you choose your Domain name, you must have the kinds of products or services you’re ready to put out there, in mind. This also needs you to have in mind the customer group you are going to serve. If it is toddlers’ toys, then it should definitely be a name that a child can easily pronounce and remember anytime. If it’s your modeling website it should definitely call out to models. This tactic can save time as well.

16. Showcase Your Domain Name On Social Media.

Get a domain name you are proud of putting in the spotlight. Social media is now on a large scale being one of the easiest ways to make your Website, blog or company well known. Therefore it is best to have a name that anyone will glance at, take a double look and get an urge to visit your site.

I hope this has been of great help to you.Leave me a comment below if you would please.


Livy Mayanja

Livy Mayanja

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