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Every website needs certain major features to fully function on the internet and be accessible for your customers as well. 


When you  have a domain name, the host and finally the site to build your website, you need to know the website features to definitely check off your list in order for your website to fully function and be of great benefit to you, either short term or  long term.


We have made a compilation of all the features that are important in order for a website to run smoothly. This way you can skip the search  and just jump straight into building your website.


Here are the essential website features you should look out for.


  1. Search Engine Optimisation.


Needless to say, this is a really important feature, because it ranks you on google. As you launch your website, you will need people to be able to find your content and in turn for you to get customers who can purchase your services or products. S.E.O is the best way for you to monetize  your website. Writing blogs is one way of making your ranking go up. Therefore, as a related topic is searched for on google, your website will be shown which wins you traffic then money into your account. So yes, make sure the site you are using to build your website comes with SEO ready for you. WordPress is one of the sites that you can be sure  is well compatible with SEO. 


  1.   Password Protection.


               Every account needs security and when it comes to your website this is even much more important. Many of you are building a brand therefore this is your long term and possibly forever online home for you. Your login details need all the protection possible from any scum.

One well trusted way or extra protection is the authenticator. Straight from your Playstore, you can install the Google Authenticator and use it on your phone any time your logging into your account. Everytime you want to log in, a new security code is generated for you to finally access your account. This way, no intruder is able to get into your account without your permission.


  1.   Plugins


         These are  what we call the formation of the website to actually get built and finally function. From a personal website to an e-commerce website, plugins are the complete basis that every you are going to need from the start. There are so many plugins but some of the major plugins are; Elementor, reSmush.it, Cartflows, Cookie Consent,UpdraftPlus and Elementor Pro.  These plugins are accessible for you to download on WordPress instantly. 

With your plugins installed now you can create your website, design it, add e-commerce to it and a lot more. It is all ready according to your demand. So ideally we cannot leave out Plugins as a highly important feature for your website.

  1. Ecommerce

    It is quite essential to have a website that is well advanced with the inclusion of a shopping cart.This way it is much easier for your customers to get your original products directly from you. This also helps you keep track of the most demanded products and shows you who your loyal customers are. Your website having the e-commerce page also helps you have control over any fraud tendencies from other people trying to earn more from your products or even duplicating them. You can easily show your consumers where to get your authentic products.


  1. Social Media


    Yes it is important to build connections, so having your social media platforms on your website helps your customers know more about you and keep in touch with you. Interraction is very important now so that your customers can also feel well valued and engaged in the company. Social media then helps you kep and get even more customers. You can now quickly inform people  of any new products/services on the website.


  1. Website Stats


     Oh this is an absolute must have for any and every website owner. Most of us want to build a brand and in order for that to happen, you will definitely need to monitor your website results. How many visitors you are getting, what percentage of those visitors become customers, which age group do most of them fall under, What are your most purchased products and when it comes to ads, which ones are working best? 

When you have your statistics in check, it helps you know what to improve and how to execute the plan. That way,it is much easier for you to stay on your feet without getting overwhelmed. You can thank me now.


  1. Automation


    This feature is here to completely make your life on the internet world easier and stress free. This is your pathway to a relaxed vacation and even allows you to tackle other tasks. With the automation in place, if it is blog posting or sending emails, it is all done at the scheduled time. That way you are always putting out content while keeping you customers informed with the emails. All this while you are having a relaxation massage at BoraBora or chairing at a conference.


8.Mailing List for Newsletter.


  The mailing list system is really good because it lets you know who your most interested customers are, their age group, and most demanded products. With the newsletter, you can  keep in check with your consumers on any upcoming events as well as discounts. It is a good way for you to keep track of knowing which products to keep producing.


  1. Image Gallery.


    We call this  the evidence section. The gallery is a definite must have because your customers need to see evidence of  the services or products you offer. If it is hair salon website, show pictures of the hairstyle you have done. Makeup website, we need to see how your make up turns on all the different skin tones. And if it is painting, can we see some art pieces?

As BSM website builders, we dedicated a page to templates, in order to how evidence of the websites we have built for our customers over the course of time.

Therefore,when you have an image gallery, it builds that extra trust your customers somewhere to base to actually in order to slide for your services.


  1. Contact Information.


       Needless to say, how should your customers reach you?  The contact section is a definite must have on your website. People need to know you are active and available for calls or emails. If it is bookings to be made, changing an order,an inquiry about your services or in need of assistance. Your contact details make it easier to depend on you.




    As we mentioned S.E.O earlier is important for your internet life and the best way for you to get noticed is the blog writing. Write about your content, your passion, you can share some of your stories and write topics revolving around your website subject.Those are all some of the different blogs you can write, the more you post with consistency,then Google is bound to start noticing you with time.  

PS;With each blog or article you write add a featured image to keep it interesting.


  1. Advertising.


      Ads let people know about your presence and what you have to offer. Adverts have now been made easier and cheaper to make. You can now ad all on your own, without the heavy technicalities that come with TV and radio setting. With Youtube coming in handy, you can learn some easy and fast steps to making an ad or even take on a course to better your skills. 

With the technology, you can now choose the time for your ads to go out and you can pause them at whatever time that you please.


13.Review System.


    This is a good bonus section to have where people can give their opinions on the services or even the website outlook in general. This actually gives you an insight into what to keep and changes that need to be made. The review section also gives good engagement with your clients in the company decisions.


  1. Site Map


      Where are your offices and how can your clients reach you. Your location shows more evidence of your company and that something to always take into consideration. 

There are also some businesses that solely strive on their customers going in to their office grounds. Regardless, every website company also needs to have at least one office on ground.

It also goes a long way when your customers can have that in person interaction with you.



As we discussed at the beginning, these are the most essential features you will need to have on your website as well as in the back end in order for your website to function.

Hopefully this has given you some quick and general knowledge for you to invest into your online presence. 

Here is a link to another blog about how WordPress is a good site for you to build your website.


Alun Da Silva

Alun Da Silva

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