What is WordPress And Advantages Of Using WordPress?

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Billionaire Surge Media - Advantages of using WordPress

We have all experienced that moment when we are suddenly advised to switch from the site you have been using to WordPress for better documentation or blogs. “But hey, what is wordpress?” you may ask. Don’t panic, I am here for you. And well, if you haven’t gone through that switch moment, then this blog is definitely going to save you a whole lot of time as well.


In summary in this post, i am going to go over the following; what is WordPress and what are the benefits of using it. WordPress is basically the platform on which most websites on the internet are built.

I am here to give you as much information as possible and be of some sort of help to you all. Just sit back and let me carry that heavy load for your shoulders.

There are two different sites, being WordPress.com and WordPress.org. In this case when I say WordPress, I am meaning WordPress.org which is also a popular website host.

Without delay, let me get right to it. WordPress is simply software where you are allowed to make blogs, create your own website, and complex portals and applications can be made.

So why should you trust WordPress the? Let me lay all the cards out for you.

1)Increase Your Creativity And Cultivate Your Skills.

You sure can put your rich mind to reality. Having the site to create and cultivate your skills brings such calmness to us. WordPress provides that opportunity to customise using various themes as well as plugins. Plugins allow you to add features to your WordPress Website and are in addition good at improving the functionality. This already shows the techniques you can explore to your will, henceforth the flexibility all at your disposal.

2) Freedom At Your Disposal.

Advantages Of Using WordPress

Oh yes, by freedom I mean you don’t ever need to worry about those monthly payments or subscriptions that keep you at the edge and surely uncomfortable. No no, WordPress has got your best interest, where you can freely enjoy it with the assurance of your constant productivity.Like getting your favourite game, you just need to install, download, open and use WordPress at your liberty. Meanwhile having all your work well documented and saved at absolutely NO COST.

3)Want To Showcase Your Skills On Social Media?

Why should I use WordPress?

If you are like me, I enjoy having various platforms to showcase myself at which social media sure does so well. WordPress is that selfless, you won’t be pinned down to only writing. With a ready built-in media up-loader, you can, all in the same place embed those bomb instagram pictures, interesting Youtube videos or those funny tweets along with audios. This is definitely my favourite feature of WordPress and I guarantee it will be amazing for you as well.

4)Search Engine Optimisation, Increase Your Ranking On Google.

We all need to create those amazing graphic designs to our full potential and imagination. Here, Search Engine Optimisation is surely important and WordPress does not hesitate in providing it. In addition, having S.E.O permits your documents to be acceptable by Google, and we all know most the internet is increasingly revolving around Google. So why let this free pass ticket pass you by.

5) WordPress Offers You Extra Security.

Oh yes that sense of security we all long for. Is my work going to be safe? Can anyone log into my account? Can I trust that I won’t be hacked?

To be honest with you, yes WordPress goes to extra lengths to ensure you don’t incur that fatal experience. However,we have to be realistic as well that hackers just somehow unfortunately exist and this is why WordPress offers you an extra mile into security. There is no guarantee but there sure are strong precautions taken for you to be as comfortable as possible.

6.Own Your Domain Name.

Unlike some other software sites, such as WordPress.com, WordPress. org entertains and ensures that you can create a Domain name of your choice without being owned by any other site. In this case, you are certainly your own BOSS.

7.You Have Self Host Advantage.

This is really one of the most awesome contents that come with WordPress.org. Having a self host advantage means you are free to choose the host you prefer to be able to display your content online where everyone worldwide can access it. This gives the highest opportunity to market yourself, your work or your passion really using ads. This is,I should mention is not acceptable on WordPress.com, yes I know right, that is definitely annoying. We all need to be able to monetise our efforts freely while enjoying the whole process.

8.Speed Is Essential.

Why Should I Use WordPress

That moment when you are in urgent need of your blog to appear and takes 20 minutes to finally pop up. This is not a worry at all with WordPress. With the C.M.S already optimised,WordPress does that for you. Therefore all you need is to do your work and access it at any time, anywhere and certainly at a high speed.

9.WordPress Technical Wizards At Your Rescue.

Being a widely used site by many, WordPress is always being improved by do many technical wizards. Now this works out for us the users in two amazing ways. 1) We can always be assured of improvements and new features on WordPress. 2) We are always assured of help in case you are faced with a technical error. This means with the various people behind the scenes working on WordPress, you can always someone able to give you an immediate well tested solution. You are saved a lot of time and any worry.

10.Membership Is A Key Point.

With any business, membership is a key point. WordPress provides a wide range of membership opportunities in order for you to grow your business, blog site and your personal website itself. You can now progress with other people added onto your account such as subscriptions,author,editor and many more.

11. Evolving New And Improved Features.

We all want to work in an environment that is always advancing or improving in some ways. Since WordPress has a wide range of technical wizards, this encourages the exploration of their minds in introducing new and improved features to make WordPress more appeasing and better for us the users.

12. Make That Blog Anytime,Anywhere.

Why Should I use WordPress?

WordPress provides very clear and updated system for you Blog writers. With an already in-built Blogging feature, it has been made so much easier where you can now write,edit,add images or links to your blog all with the advise of WordPress on how your blog is doing at each step and giving you tips on what you need to add in order for it to be a well rounded interesting blog for your readers.

13.Source Code Ready for Your Use.

Back then on some other sites, in order for you to recover your work or forward it to someone else, it was a whole lot of tag of war. Now WordPress gives you the liberty to access your work anytime with the already built source code. It only takes seconds now no more 1 hour headache.

14.You Have Got Plugins At Your Disposal.

Like I mentioned a bit earlier, plugins are one of those key points that are heavily essential for any website to function properly and easily. Plugins are a piece of software that contains and provides more functions and adds new features. You can have both the free ready plugins and the premium plugins, which in that case are bought. Either way for you website to keep popping,those plugins are ready for you.

15.Customise with Ease.

You want your website or even blog to look unique and extra attractive. All these different themes, colours you can customise to your preference and add designs if you please. Anytime you need to add some bit of spark, WordPress has already done the delivery.

16.Setup Your eCommerce Website With Ease.

Oh yes, another strong reason this site is just awesome. With your business, you need it to be well marketed and be able to provide top notch service to you customers. eCommerce gives you all these wide range opportunities all in one place. You can have you products well distributed in the appropriate and exact time frame with ease. So reach out to customers, makes those sales, and profits all in an organised way and at the same site.


You sure can begin on your Website or Blog now.These are most of the top notch advantages of using WordPress we had to quickly deliver to you. We surely hope this Blog has been of some help to you. Hoping we have answered most, if not all your questions. Thank you for stopping by. And of course we are not going to just let you go off without having some more guidelines. Checkout our other B.S.M Blogs; The Difference Between A website and A Blog and The Best Page Builder for WordPress. 

For more reference on Reasons for using WordPress;

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