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wix vs wordpress


Wix  and WordPress are both free content management systems that support an online presence and creation, such as building a website and Blog writing as well as media uploading.

Five years ago, WordPress was in high existence all on it’s own however, with the internet world evolving a lot is now changing such as Wix that we are hearing quite a lot lately. Now there is a debate which we need to settle fairly.

We do have to mention that both sites are, in fact good according to your preference. So what could be best suited for your preference is the question making  your mind float. Don’t worry you are in the right place.


With both sites having many similarities the next questions would be, “So which one is better to use and, what  makes them different anyways?” This is exactly what I am here to help you tackle.

We are going to go through both the differences between each site to give you some more information and show you where you are best suited to explore your interests.  We will further talk about the advantages and disadvantages which we also find important to point out in this case so that you are provided with ample food for thought having been given both sides.


1.Access to the site Is an already prepared service that you sign up to. Installed and downloaded.
2.Website Builder Instant logging onto your account gets you started immediately. Needs some training and requirements like domain and host in order to get into the site and start building your website.
3.Expansion Has limitations which don’t support expansion of one’s site. Supports a wide range of expansion according to the user’s desire.
4.Exportation Very difficult to transfer data from to another site. Provides an easy procedure of exportation of data to another site.
5. Ecommerce Comes with an in-built online store ready for use. Needs one to get Ecommerce plugins added to their website first.
6.Design & Customisation Has an easy design procedure, however once it’s done, you can’t make changes to it. Gives one the liberty to create their own design and make changes anytime. 
7.Plugins The user can only access the old and newly developed plugins made available to them. Has thousands of plugins both free and premium at the users disposal to explorer as they desire.
8.Assistance/Help Has immediate availability of help to contact in case of any errors. Has help available however it is a tougher process getting the help.
9.Ease to set-up Has an easy drag and drop method  to set up. No need for technical knowledge. Needs prior knowledge in order to set up a good quality site.



Wix having an established well rounded team behind the technicalities of the system means people available to help immediately  either by phone or even email with a well detailed step by step outline of the solution. In addition, Wix has well organized tutorials on how to build a website.

WordPress has numerous technical wizards as well who are always working to develop and improve the site for the users. These people behind the scenes, are ready to help in case of any errors. However, it can get a good amount of time in order to get the response. WordPress needs a wel experienced person by your side to help tackle the issue at hand immediately.

2.Design and Customisation.

WordPress facilitates whole lot of flexibility to customise your website as much as you desire. This is definitely vital for brand/business building. WordPress being self hosted also allows it’s users to add new features to their websites which encourages growth and uniqueness.

Wix is already built with so many different templates a variety for the users to choose from for what suits their website model. With a simple drag and drop method it makes it so easy and fast. However there is a limit in tools and features that can be used which in turn limits one’s creativity since Wix is a hosted site.

3. Ecommerce .

Wix comes with an in-built online store ready for use. The business owner is left with filling in their merchandise, description, cost and they are ready in business.

WordPress supports online purchases as well, where one has to build the whole content section for themselves as they desire.

4. Ease To Set Up.

Wix having a drag and drop procedure with the templates ready made for use makes it easy for everyone to get accustomed to . It also doesn’t involve coding with simplifies a whole lot and makes it much faster to work with.

WordPress will need ample time for beginners to learn how it operates and to go past the learning curve of dealing with the coding system. This can be quiet a hard step but when it’s mastered and jumped over, it all becomes so easy to work with.


After opening a website on Wix, it is all well supported until you want to expand your website. Wix comes with limitations on how far a website can be built and the customization that goes along with it. As a brand builder, we need to make improvements to our websites now and then which unfortunately, Wix system can’t  keep up with after certain stages.

WordPress gives the user as much freedom on how they want to design or re-design their website to their will. With many improved and constantly having new features it facilitates the users ability in expansion.


WordPress has so many free plugins  and premium plugins for purchase. On top of that being an open site for different technical wizards to explore their skills, WordPress then has the advantage of having its codes accessible which can be used to create new plugins according to any coders’ preference. These plugins can be downloaded after purchasing them.

Wix is only built and managed by the owners, with users having only the old and newly developed plugins that have been made available to them by the Wix IT team.

7.Website Building System.

Both websites as mentioned are website builders.

With WordPress its’ whole system is ready and built for websites with the user choosing exactly how they need they website to be designed. From the templates, layout all the way to the graphics used. It is all in your hands.

With Wix, the system is also ready with a simple drag and drop method. The layouts, templates etc, a whole variety to choose from which are all quite awesome. The only catch is that you can only use what is made available to you.

8. Exportation.

As entrepreneurs sometimes there is a need to transfer form one website to another and you need the current website to give you that open door access to do as you please.

WordPress facilitates one’s desire to freely switch websites with all their documents in a smooth way.

Wix is built differently under which it certainly doesn’t support the switch procedure. You can’t just transfer your data, it is a whole time consuming system where each document is transported and dropped separately. So imagine having a three year worth of data.

9. Costs.

In order for any website to exist and function, there are various costs to undergo.

Wix has a free plan for features and seven premium pricing plans, for more features to be accessed and more beautification of the website.

Just like anything, with advantages, comes some disadvantages.  And both Wix and WordPress have a fair share of their own respectively.


1. Doesn’t need prior knowledge in order to build a website. Supports expansion of one’s website.
2. Has an in-built Ecommerce service for quick sale of merchandise. Has a large number of plugins both free and premium.
3.It takes the shortest amount of time to get started. Has constant updates and improvements on the features which makes the map of choice bigger.
4. There is immediate help in case of an error. Supports your creativity with the free will to customise your website as you desire.
5.Easy to work with simple drag and drop method. Has in-built SEO.



1. Doesn’t support expansion of one’s services. One requires a lot of knowledge or proper guidance in order to open the site and start building a website.
2. Doesn’t encourage creativity, you are only allowed to work with what is available. Ecommerce has to be incorporated by the user according to their necessity.
3. You can’t make any changes to your website. For a website to start running, additional costs are incurred for domain and hosting.
4. There is no ground for uniqueness in the website looks since everyone is using the same kinds of designs.
5.Some designs are not SEO friendly.
6.Your site can be taken down anytime which can result into some costs.


In Conclusion;

I understand this has still given of a bit of 50-50 perception, which is quiet a good estimation.

Honestly both sites are definitely good in their own right. However to simplify the whole debate, in our opinion,

Wix is great for a quick and may be short term medium for your content and can definitely be beneficial for those that are only interested in having an online shop for their merchandise. It is definitely also a good site for Blogs.

On the other hand, we would also recommend WordPress for a long-term build of a website, if you are interested in having a big brand that you will need to constantly expand and add features to with time. It  can also accommodate with the space for your merchandise as well to be monetised. For all those are fuelled by creativity and changes, WordPress is definitely the place for you.

Livy Mayanja

Livy Mayanja

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